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Increase Fertility Naturally - My Advice

When it comes to various ways to increase fertility, one of the most important things to keep in mind is ovulation. A woman’s most fertile time is usually 14 days following the start of her last period. Have frequent intercourse around this time should greatly boost your chances of increasing fertility naturally and conceiving a child… There is no other time when you will be more fertile. But what if you are already keeping track of your fertile times without success? Still need to know how to increase fertility? Read below…

Advice For Women

Many women do not know that there are a number of common, every day factors that can cause slight infertility. First, keep track of the amount of caffeine you consume. I know that I, like many other women, cannot seem to function in the morning without a strong cup of coffee. But recent studies have shown that consuming five hundred milligrams of caffeine per day can have a negative effect on fertility. A few cups should be alright, but try not to exceed five cups in a single day! The same applies to other beverages also, especially soft drinks! This alone is one of the natural ways to increase fertility.

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increase fertility

Another factor that can prevent you from getting pregnant quickly is an unhealthy body weight. One of the best ways to increase fertility is to get in shape. Recent studies have shown that ladies who are either too overweight or too underweight, on average, can take twice as long as healthy women to conceive a child. You do not have to go overboard and become a fitness maniac, but keep in mind that daily, moderate exercise can greatly boost your chances of getting pregnant. So when people talk about eating foods that increase fertility, they simply mean eating healthy!

Advice For Men

Women are not the only ones that need to keep an eye on our fertility. Men also need to take steps to ensure that they are doing everything possible to make it happen. First, men should not wear tight fitting underwear or clothing. This can damage or inhibit sperm production which has an adverse effect on fertility. Even if the female partner is exercising and following a healthy fertility diet, a man with a low sperm count can also equally prevent conception from happening. Loose boxers or underwear is your safest bet. Frequent exposure to hot baths or hot tubs may also inhibit fertility if the exposure is repeated over an extended period of time. Changing these bad habits is one of the best and natural ways to increase male fertility.

Finally, some studies have indicated that various types of lubricant may inhibit fertility. Commercially available water-based lubricants are not recommended simply because of the structure of the product. Specifically, these products may prevent sperm from moving as quickly and thus delay or prevent conception. So, keep this advice in mind the next time you and your partner attempt to conceive… hopefully these tips will help you increase fertility get pregnant!

My Fertility Story

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  increase fertility

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